Crystals for the Summer Solstice

Summer Solstice is upon us! On this coming June 21st, we’ll be officially entering a brand new season that has been long associated with action, strength, male energy, will power and abundance. Your metaphorical seeds planted during the Spring Equinox ritual now calls for some love and care to ensure great harvest during the Autumn Equinox. Are you tending your dreams seriously? Or finding yourself sidetracked?

If you’re feeling slight sluggish this season, perhaps a little jumpstart in your system is well needed. Take advantage of this cycle to do an energetic cleanse and reclaim back your light!

I’ve listed some of the great crystals that can help us achieve greater balance and empower your journey ahead during this solar season.


How to use them?

1. Take a look at the chart and see which stones attracts you the most. You may choose multiple or single stone.
2. Determine how you want to use them: Crystal grid, body layout, crystal water ( direct or indirect method) or meditation. Follow your intuition here and arrange the stones accordingly.
3. For meditation and body layout, head over to @holisticmacau_mbmsda Instagram page. I’ve written a short and sweet post on how to reclaim back your inner light. We focus on re-energizing the Solar Plexus Chakra, the energy vortex that governs our courage, self-esteem and self-confidence. You can use the stones written from the post or use the ones you’ve chosen from the list. There’s never a wrong way to do this. Follow your spirit!
4. Then, create your own affirmation for growth and abundance to serve you as a reminder of your journey.
5. For the next following days, journal down synchronicities, messages, dreams and sensations. See if there's a common thread in those signals then jot it down. Remember that the Universe’s language is a symbolic one, so pay attention and be open to receive its blessings.

For crystals and smudging tools, GemsAwakening is open from 12pm to 7pm.

Happy Summer Solstice, everyone!



夏至就快到了!在即將到來的 6 月 21 日,我們將正式進入一個全新的季節,這個季節長期以來一直與行動、力量、男性能量、意志力和豐足有相聯。你在春分儀式期間種下的隱喻種子現在需要一些愛和關懷,以確保在秋分期間獲得豐收。你認真對待你的夢想嗎?還是發現自己走偏了?



1. 看看圖表,看看哪些晶石最吸引你。你可以多選或單選塊晶石。
2. 決定你想如何使用它們:水晶陣法、身體佈局、水晶能量水(直接或間接法)或冥想。跟隨你的直覺並相應地安排晶石。
3. 有關冥想和身體佈局,請前往@holisticmacau_mbmsda 頁面。我已寫了一篇關於如何找回內心之光的簡短而甜蜜的帖子。我們專注於為太陽輪重新註入活力,這是掌管我們勇氣、自尊和自信的能量渦流。你可以使用帖子中寫的晶石或使用你從列表中選擇的晶石。這樣做永遠不會有對錯之分。跟隨你的心靈!
4. 然後,創建你自己的成長和富足的肯定,作為你旅程的提醒。
5. 在接下來的幾天裡,記錄同步性、信息、夢境和感覺。看看這些信號中是否有共同點,然後記下來。請記住,宇宙的語言是一種象徵性的語言,因此請注意並敞開心扉接受它的祝福。

對於水晶和淨化工具,GemsAwakening 啟寶晶石營業時間為中午 12 點至晚上 7 點。


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