July Highlight - Ruby - The Crystal to Increase Passion and Vigor for Life

A gemstone fit for a king

Rubies were, and still are, one of the most sought after crystals for their breathtaking beauty and for their rich symbolic meaning. Records have even shown us that Rubies were traded along China’s Silk Road as early as 200 B.C. In ancient times, Rubies adorned crowns as a symbol of power, and embellished in battle armors to provide protection and wound-speeding abilities to the warrior.

Ruby deposits are found throughout the world, like India, Madagascar, Russia, but exceptional Rubies come from a mine called the Mogok Stone Tract from Burma, and it was the primary source of the country’s wealth back in 1597 A.D. Most the of Rubies were property of the Burmese kings, and those who attempted to conceal them after mining or attempt theft was punished by torture or death. In the early 60’s, private gem trading and exploration was strictly illegal until the mid 90’s. Today, both cut and rough stones can be freely purchased only by licensed traders and professionals which ultimately resulted in mine depletion.

The current  demand for Rubies continues to grow resulting  opportunities for synthetic, heat treated and imitation Rubies to steal the spot light.

In the 1960’s, Rubies have made their debut in modern technology by helping us build the very first laser machine due to its red fluorescent power. Today, real and synthetic rubies are still used to make watches and incorporated in medical equipments.

Ruby Healing Properties

Rubies are an excellent source to replenish our energy. The most common properties are:

Encourages passion for life

Improves motivation and setting realistic goals

Stimulates the heart chakra and balances it

Protects you from psychic attack and energy-vampires

Promotes positive dreams

Stimulates the pineal gland

Attracts abundance

Helps to retain wealth

Promotes leadership

Helps to transmute anger and negativity

Encourages romance and sexual activity

Overcomes lethargy and exhaustion

Mineral: Corundum

Crystal System: Hexagonal

Chemical composition: Al2O3

Color: Red, Magenta, Burgundy. The red color comes from the presence of chromium

Chakras: Root, sacral, heart

Sources: Burmas, Thailand, India, Madagascar, Sri Lanka, Russia, Vietnam

Care: Water is fine, but dry-cloth dusting is best

Elixir method: Indirect

Star Signs: Airies, Cancer, Scorpio

Element: Earth, Fire

Planet: Mars

Flowers and Herbs: Rose, Schizandra Berry, Maca, Cocoa

Essential oil pairing: Rose, Musk, Grapefruit, Vanilla

Crystal Pairing: For increased romance/passion - Rhodochrosite, Garnet & Rose Quartz. To Increase Passion for life - Carnelian, Vanadinite, Fire Agate, Fire Quartz

Crystal Combinations: Ruby in Fuchsite, Ruby Kyanite, Ruby Zoisite

Notes: Rubies are often confused with Garnet, Rubillite, and other red semi-precious stones. Spinel is also often sold as Rubies when the supplies were short. Beware of crystal scams such as Honeycomb Ruby! This is not even a thing


Myth, legend, and historical lore of Rubies

The mongol Emperor Kublai Khan offered to exchange a whole city for a large ruby.

When signs of peril was near, Rubies turned black and regained their original color once danger had passed. 

Rubies adorned crowns as a symbol of power and strength

Rubies rings are traditionally given during the 15th and 40th wedding anniversary.

Rubies were the birthstones of those born in the month of July.

In Sanskrit, Ruby is called Ratnaraj, meaning the ‘King of Gems.’


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