Caribbean Calcite Carved Skull 加勒比方解石

Caribbean Calcite Carved Skull 加勒比方解石

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Caribbean Calcite

Caribbean Calcite is a more recently discovered crystal made up of a combination of blue calcite, white Aragonite, and light brown Aragonite. It only comes from Pakistan and was first discovered in 2019.

While much of the Caribbean Calcite on the market has been polished, it is very common for it to have crevices, sometimes druzy lined. It has a hardness between 3 and 3.5 making it more delicate.

You may also see Caribbean Calcite called Caribbean Blue Calcite or Ocean Blue Calcite. It is very similar in appearance to some Blue Aragonite.

Some of the main benefits that you may experience from this crystal are decreased anxiety, calmness, better sleep, lucid dreaming and elevated consciousness.


What is the symbology of Skulls?

The skull takes on a variety of meanings including the unachievable nature of immortality, death and mortality, as well as spiritual guidance from ancestors and spirit guides.



-  3cm 

Color may vary slightly due to the color calibration of each individual monitor.