Lepidolite Tumbled Stone  鋰雲母

Lepidolite Tumbled Stone 鋰雲母

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Lepidolite dissipates negativity and induces calm. It is excellent for clearing electromagnetic pollution and should be placed on computers or gridding around the house. A stone of transition, Lepidolite insists on being used for the highest good and bring things about reconciliation. Showing you thoughts and feelings from outer lives that are creating blockages in your life now, it can take you forward into the future. Lepidolite contains lithium and it is helpful in stabilizing bipolar disorders, calms anxiety and depression. With its power of objectivity and concentration, it aids processes and decision-making, focusing on what is important and filtering out distraction.


What can you do with tumbled stones?

- Do crystal grids

- Feng Shui for your home

- Create mojo bags to carry around with you

- Create jewelry pieces



2cm to 2.5

Color may vary slightly due to the color calibration of each individual monitor.