Septarian Tumbled Stone  龜背石

Septarian Tumbled Stone 龜背石

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Septarian is a combitation of Calcite, Aragonite and Chalcedony and its strongly connected to the devic energy. Its's an excellent support for self-nurturing, caring about others, and caring for the earth. It incubates ideas and assists in bringing them into fruition., and harmonizes emotions and the intellect with the higher mind. A useful tool for public speaking, Septarian makes each individual feel that she or he is being personally addressed and enhances the ability to communicate within a group. This stone coheres spiritual groups, and healers can use it for diagnoses and insight into the cause of disease. It has the ability to focus the body's own healing power.


What can you do with tumbled stones?

- Do crystal grids

- Feng Shui for your home

- Create mojo bags to carry around with you

- Create jewelry pieces



 2.5 cm to 3cm