White Sage & Pine Smudge  白鼠尾草, 松樹葉

White Sage & Pine Smudge 白鼠尾草, 松樹葉

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White Sage & Pine

White Sage is considered sacred and the "King" of all herbs when it comes to to the world of cleansing. It has been used for thousands of years in sacred purifying rituals. When lit, it produces a thick white smoke that has an earthy scent. White sage is known to purify a space from negative energy and helps us release what is no longer serving us. It offers protection, spiritual healing and wisdom. 

Pine is often burned to keep sickness away and attract wealth.  It is also associated with peace, cleansing and purification, and an effective hex-breaker.

How to Use Sage?

  1.  Loosen the ribbon around the sage then 'break' the bundle into smaller bundles.
  2. Take a small bundle of herb and light it up, holding at 45-degree angle.
  3. Let it burn a few seconds then blow out the flames until you see orange embers.
  4. Let the sage sit on a fire-proof container while you gently swaft the smoke throughout your space.

All our herbs are sourced ethically from California, USA.