Introduction to Crystal Healing - Healing Gems from Mother Earth

It’s undeniable that crystal healing is among the top alternative therapies sought for, studied and practiced during unsettling times of the recent pandemic era. Seeking for a better state of mind, emotional stability and guidance were the priorities of many and still are. Although the options are endless when it comes to the choice of holistic therapies that can help seekers reach a state of balance, crystals have always found its way into people’s lives, or incorporated as a supporting tool to other healing modalities. Because why wouldn’t they? We just naturally linger around crystals, bewitched by their beauty, radiance and power. 

     The concept of using crystals isn’t a modern movement either, in fact, throughout history, perhaps around 40’000 years ago, crystals have been used as power tools , and protective amulets by many ancient civilizations throughout the globe. Excitingly, we now live in a world where we incorporate these old-teachings and ancient wisdom, and often times supported by science, to further enhance their unique powers to transform our lives - in Body, Mind and Spirit. 


Crystal Healing Explained

Crystal healing is a type of holistic and natural therapy that uses the crystal’s energy, which are laid on the body, with its goal to bring back harmony and balance into the individual’s life. See it as a form of a massage. While a massage therapist work on your physical body by removing tension knots from your muscles, a Crystal Healing practitioner work on dissolving these knots and blockages from your energetic body or auric field. Removal of these blockages and knots then leaves you in a much relaxed state to pursue your days ahead with a clearer mind and purpose.

But how do crystals actually work?

At the most simplest level crystals are solid materials whose atoms, molecules and ions are repeated and orderly arranged. This perfect arrangement never changes, even as the crystal grows. 

Just like everything on this planet is energy, so are crystals. Each type of matter vibrates at a different frequency from each other as a consequence to how each of our bodies is internally structured. During my crystal practitioner course with Hibisicus Moon Crystal Academy, we were taught that these different frequencies are referred to as the Dominant Oscillatory Rate, or simply as DOR. And each matter in this planet has its own DOR. The human body is a collection of many different DOR due the numerous different structures within us, made up by our hearts, lungs, stomach, cells and even our own thoughts, which operate differently from each other. This asynchronicity, so to speak, of frequencies within our bodies made us susceptible to be easily manipulated by external influences.

Crystals, on the other hand, possess a perfect orderly crystalline structure resulting in a much precise, smooth and stable frequency. Even if put it under pressure, or placed in a chaotic environment, crystals will resist that disorder - We call this a low state of entropy.

Crystal Therapy teaches us that when our bodies are in a state of disharmony or imbalance, holding crystals or being around them, allows our energies to resonate with their fine vibrations - known as entrainment. Erratic frequencies are brought up to match the precise and coherent frequencies. The subtle energies of the crystals could correct the imbalances we may have created within our own energy system by dissolving that energetic imbalance and infusing it with Light, relaxation and renewed energy so that we can radiate from our true essence. 


Healing of the Energy System

Crystal healing work primarily on the seven major chakras, although some practitioners may go further into our transpersonal chakras.  There are seven major energy centers or ‘chakras’ located in the glands along the center line of the spine, starting from our tailbone working our way up to the tip of our head. Each chakra (translating from Sanskrit that means “wheel”) has an active rotating vortex of vital energy which expands through and around the surface of the body and emits the electromagnetic waves of vibrations that are known as auras. When the chakras are healthy, vital energy help the body assimilate the Qi, or life force energy, which then help both our energetic and physical bodies operate at optimum rate.

In the contrary, when chakras are blocked or sluggish, the flow of vital energy is interrupted ultimately creating imbalances in our spiritual and physical bodies. Luckily for us, these dis-eases and blockages can be easily dissolved with crystals.

Each of these seven main chakras has a corresponding frequency, name, color and specific location along the spine. In Crystal therapy, simply placing a matching colored crystal on the chakra in question, along with guided meditations with visualizations of the color, will empower the healing to occur. 

Benefits of Crystal Healing

Crystal Healing is a relaxing, natural and gentle healing modality that can be combined alongside traditional medicine and other healing modalities and has no negative side effects. The most common benefits are reported feelings of deep relaxation which then aids general well-being and reduced anxiety. It’s an opportunity to seek stillness, to help relax the muscles and to ease physical pain. 

On a spiritual level, Crystal healing is an opportunity to promote spiritual growth, illumination, and rediscovery of our inner truth, offering us clarity of mind which helps us evolve and grow. 

Crystal healing can be done solely at home, by yourself. But it is most effective when working alongside a certified crystal healer, as they are able to scan the body for any imbalances and identify which crystals are right for you and the right treatment plan for your continuous healing journey.

Most popular crystals for chakra healing

Placed on the corresponding chakras, these natural treasures can instigate positive transformation; bring courage, creativity and many
healthy benefits. Simply placing these crystals on the location for
15-20 minutes can reap great benefits for overall well-being.


Chakra: Root Chakra or Muladhara
Location: At the base of the tailbone, at the perineum
Chakra Color Association: Black or Deep Red colored crystals.
This fiery deep-red crystal is filled with revitalising energy which brings serenity or passion as appropriate. It also inspires love and devotion, promoting loyalty and commitment. As a root chakra crystal, Garnet grounds us to the energies of the Earth, inspiring us
to connect with Her wisdom, sense of security and stability.
Historically, Garnet has been also known to be associated with
sexual health, in particularly issues revolving infertility.


Chakra: Sacral Chakra or Swadisthana 
Location: 2 inches below the navel
Chakra Color Association: Orange
Carnelian is a brownish red crystal, often deep orange with white bands, and which name comes from the latin word ‘carneus’, which means fleshy, referencing to the color of the crystal.
It is popularly known for instilling courage, motivation and creativity. It is also a stabilising stone that help restore vitality and boost one’s zest for life.



Chakra: Solar Plexus Chakra or Manipur 
Location: 2 inches above the navel, approximately above the stomach
Chakra Color Association: Yellow  
Citrine is like the Sun’s energy solidified into hard and tangible matter. This beautiful bright stone enhances energy and stamina, and a classic to manifest all kinds of abundance. Powered by the sun’s energy, Citrine promotes happiness and boosts self-esteem.


Rose Quartz

Chakra: Heart Chakra or Anahata 
Location: Center of the chest
Chakra Color Association: Pink or Green 
Soft and gentle, the Rose Quartz is probably the ultimate crystal known for its association with matters related to Love. It is well known for healing and soothing emotional pain from the heart. Placing this sweet stone on the Anahata chakra is wonderful if you’re in need of emotional healing. It can also help draw in romantic love if you are seeking it.



Chakra: Heart Chakra or Anahata 
Location: Center of the chest
Chakra Color Association: Pink or Green
Another beloved heart chakra crystal - Malachite. This bright banded green gem has a long use in history, dating back to Ancient Egypt. Used as a grounding force to help them channel higher energies or as a sacred tool to help Pharaohs rule wisely. In our modern times, Malachite is used to work on different facets of issues related to the heart, in particularly on issues that have been held in the body for a very long time. It is believed that Malachite’s bands often represents that it can assist us on healing emotional causes that are deep rooted in our subconscious. Due to the presence of Copper, Malachite is also well known to alleviate physical pain associated with arthritis. Place the crystal over the relevant area you feel pain and leave it there for 20 - 30 minutes at a time.


Blue Lace Agate

Chakra: Throat Chakra or Vishuddha 
Location: On top of the Addams apple, or in between the clavicle 
Chakra Color Association: Light Blue
This baby blue crystal is a powerful healer and balancer of the throat chakra and an amazing ally to support you during stressful times. Feel it’s calming and soothing effects permeate your body as you visualize anxiety and stress melting away. Connected to the Water element, it cools and calms our emotions and aids on facilitating the expression of our inner truth. 


Lapis Lazuli

Chakra: Third Eye Chakra, Brow Chakra or Anna 
Location: 1 inch above the center of the brows
Chakra Color Association: Dark blue or Indigo 
Lapis Lazuli has a long history of use, just like our beloved Malachite. In fact, Lapis Lazuli was such a favored crystal by the ancient Egyptians as it was believed that the crystal contained the soul of the gods, aiding pharaohs as they spoke and ruled their kingdom. Lapis Lazuli stimulates our third eye, the seat of our intuition, and promotes creativity. 



Chakra: Crown Chakra or Sahasrara 
Location: crown of the head
Chakra Color Association: Purple or White
Amethyst’s name is derived for the ancient Greek for ‘intoxicate’, as it was believed that it could prevent drunkenness while carrying the crystal. This wonderful stone is one of the most versatile and an abundant crystal there is. Known for facilitating meditation and stillness, Amethyst is well known for instilling tranquility and clarity in the mind so that we can experience the pure consciousness, bliss and wisdom that come with a cleared Crown chakra. It is also known to support for any physical ailment, therefore it was taken as an elixir to assist a healthy functioning body.


How to choose your crystals

Choosing your first crystals shouldn’t be an intimidating task. First, determine the ailment you wish to address and the next step will be sourcing for the crystal for that particular need. However, I do recommend taking your time to sift through the choices of stones, even if it’s the same type, as each crystal with have their own way to get your attention. Gently touch or look at the collection with softly focused eyes and see which crystal stands out. If you are purchasing specimens online, explore different options and sources to compare its qualities.

Most importantly is to choose crystals that resonate with your soul. If it feels comfortable and good, then go for it! Never purchase a crystal if you feel forced to or if it doesn’t feel right. Trust in your very own abilities that whatever crystals you choose will end up being the perfect ones for your personal needs. 


Ways to Harness Crystal Wisdom

The beauty about Crystal Healing is that it’s so versatile. Although it is true that the most popular way to harness the power of crystals is lay them over your body in relaxation, there are still numerous creative ways to benefit from their healing powers. Explore some of these popular ways and see which one resonates with you the most.


Taking a few moments each day with a single stone on your hand can reap wonderful healing benefits, especially for the mental well-being. It’s through meditation that we get to know our crystal ally a little better, as stillness allows our mind to quiet and allow our bodies to be more aware of the different sensations around us. Meditation paves the way to give you a better understanding on how you can work with your crystal.

Crystal Grids

I personally love using crystal grids as they are like super-charged vision boards. It’s such an elegant and meditative work once you get caught up in creating one for yourself. Not to mention how aesthetically pleasing it is to the eye once it’s completed. To create one, simply choose a theme you wish to work on or manifest - Love, Abundance, Wealth, Good Health, etc. - then go ahead and choose the crystals that will support your theme. Choosing crystals doesn’t have to include expensive specimens or 10 different kinds. I’ve benefited from a crystal grid power using no more than 3 types of crystals. Although there are many possible layouts and crystal grids you can choose, The Flower of Life grid is still a classic favorite for both seasoned crystal healers and beginners. 

Crystal Elixirs or Gem Water

Crystal Elixirs are a form of vibrational therapy using water that has been infused with the crystal’s healing properties. Crystal elixirs can be taken in drops, spritzed into the air, or added to bathwater. They are very practical and easy to do too! To make one, you’ll need a chosen crystal(s), a jug, distilled water and cheesecloth. Place the crystal(s) in or outside the water filled jug then place it under the morning sun or full moon for at least three hours. To further super charge your crystal water, you can choose to surround the jug with a clear quartz points facing inwards, but that’s optional. Once time has passed, you can then strain out the water filtered through a cheesecloth into a glass. Enjoy drinking one glass per day and refrigerate the rest of the crystal water in a dark colored glass container.

Cleansing is Caring

Appreciation and caring goes both ways. Crystals are wise beings and should be treated with much respect. They eagerly want to help us for any task we ask assistance for, but in order for them to fulfill that task it is fundamental that we cleansed them first. ‘Cleansing’ involves techniques that are used to bring a crystal back to its original DOR, or in other words, back into equilibrium. It is also wise to cleanse any new crystal you bring home from the shop, so that it’s ready to work solely with you. There are common ways you achieve this:

Sound Healing

Sound healing is probably my favorite technique. Sound omits specific frequencies that not only we hear but feel deep inside our bodies. When we play singing bowls, especially with lower sound frequencies, we feel our bellies trembling as well as our hairs at the back of our neck rise.  That’s healing right there. We use sound frequency to fine tune the crystal and at the same time relax our minds and body. It’s a two way healing exchange and it feels amazing! Beside Singing bowls, whether bronze or crystal bowls, you can go ahead and use Tingsha bells, tuning forks or simply playing loud music next to a crystal. 

Sacred Smoke

A belief practiced by a diversity of cultures since ancient times until our modern day. The act of lighting herbs and moving its smoke over your crystals is called ‘smudging’. Its allowing the plant’s spirit and power to gently remove any negative attachments, stagnant energy  and previous programming through smoke. In addition to their medicinal healing properties, plants have vibrational qualities that can be used for energetic healing. Sacred plants such a White Sage, Cedar, Sweetgrass and Juniper are among the better-known herbs for smudging. Simply light the tip of dried sage (or any herb safe for burning) with a match. Then gently let the tip smoulder which will then release a steady thick smoke. Pass your crystal over the smoke for about minute.

Setting intentions - Road to Success

Possibly the most important and secret ingredient that will bind all these energies together and ensure a successful experience in crystal healing starts by setting intention. I strongly support the idea that for healing to happen, there should be a conscious exchange of energies as well as solid purpose or intention that will set your crystal’s focus, and yours, on the task ahead. Asking crystals to work with you is often an overlooked and forgotten task. But many are amazed when they ask the crystals to work for their highest good. The bottom line is, healing is two way traffic - It will only happen when we work on making it happen and crystals are readily available to support you on that journey.

If you’re ready to receive healing and work together with these amazing minerals, with intention to open your mind and heart, you are bringing down barriers and a step away to receive powerful, potent and therapeutic healing experience.