Rainbow Moonstone Pendulum 藍月光 靈擺

Rainbow Moonstone Pendulum 藍月光 靈擺


Rainbow Moonstone

Just like the name suggests, Moonstones are strongly connected to the lunar energy and to intuition. It is also called the "Stone of New Beginnings" as a reminder to us that, as the moon waxes and wanes, so everything is part of a cycle of change. 
Although the Moon is considered as feminine for most, Moonstones are often carried by women but also men due to its passive, receptive and feminine energies which make it the perfect "remedy" for those who are overly aggressive. 
Given to sensitive children and teenagers, this beautiful stone aids as an emotional support for those seeking assistance through changes in life.   


What is a pendulum?

A Pendulum is an ancient tool used for dowsing, in other words, it's a technique for searching. The Pendulum works by channeling energy, where you choose to believe this energy comes from is up to you. Maybe it is your own, your higher-self or maybe it’s someone else, a divine energy.

In a crystal healing session, pendulums can be used to pin-point which of the chakras in our energetic body is in need of balance.

How to use a pendulum?

  1. Just like any other crystal, it is important that you cleanse your crystal pendulum. 
  2. Find a comfortable place, relax, breath deeply and take the time to clear your mind

  3. Hold your pendulum in your hands, connect with it, charge it with your energy.  

  4. When the time feels right you need to find your ‘YES’ and ‘NO’ movement. 

  5. In any hand, hold the end of the chain between your thumb and pointer finger. 

  6. Simply ask out loud ‘SHOW ME YES’ and watch the magick happen. 

  7. There is no correct or incorrect motion, you might see a front to back swing, a side to side swing, a clockwise or anti clockwise circle. Take note on how the pendulum swings.

  8. Once you have established the ‘YES’ movement for your pendulum, ask it ‘SHOW ME NO’. 

  9. Now you have a clear ‘YES’ and ’NO’. Start with simple and obvious questions you know the answers to. This step is to ensure your pendulum in "connected" to you.

  10. Use your pendulum as much as possible, the more familiar it is with your energy, the better.